Conventional Closed-Hull Basic Package

Updated 2003 Model!

Our Octopus Hatch, is a custom screw-in plastic bow hatch centered on the foredeck, safely accessible from the cockpit. 2003 model features ergonometric one-handed pumping, a single in-hatch tether, easy-grasp hatch cover lug, and a novel accessory mount options. Additionally, the package includes everything needed to enjoy the following four Octopus system features:

  • Allows one-hand pumping, skirt in place, using most available hand pumps.
  • Integrated In-Hull Pump Stowage. Secure friction-latch feature permits one-handed access.
  • Integrated Paddle Float Storage on Pump Holder.
  • Integrated Beverage Holder serves common sports bottles up to 24 oz. (0.75l).
  • Quick-Release Tethered Hatch Cover with Easy-Grasp Lug

All features fully accessible while underway!

Easy Ergo-Pumping

Stowed Pump & Float

Pa310002.jpg (112053 bytes)
Cockpit View

P7250027.jpg (63244 bytes)
Beverage Holder

Most of the time, storing your pump below deck is the best choice.  Out of the way, and secure, but easily and quickly accessible. Simple and reliable friction-latch insures pump will remain in place, even during a wet-exit. Avoids common deck clutter, leaving that space for deck bags or other items. The design is integrated with the required primary Octopus Hatch and is mounted by sharing the hatch bolts. Store your rolled inflatable paddle float using the double shock cord loops provided on the right side of the pump holder.

To use the beverage holder, simply remove tethered cover and temporarily stow the pump on deck. The always-ready beverage holder is then accessible. Your beverage container must be removed for emergency pumping. Package includes comprehensive Installation Directions-with easy to use Templates, and Comprehensive User Guide with Tips

Installation Note: Octopus Hatch installation requires hole or jig saw, drill, small tools and moderate do-it-yourself skills.P9100002.jpg (107014 bytes) The hull opening is 4.5 inches (112mm), and the installed hatch actually stiffens the hull. See the following item, our rubber hull adapter, which is required for most installations. Refer to our Fit-Table. Our hatch may be centered from 5 to 10 inches forward of the cockpit rim. The nominal position is 7.5 inches. Our true scale template makes installation easy.

Basic package includes plastic hatch, hatch cover with easy-grasp lug, tether, all hardware, templates and instructions. Compass friendly, all brass bolts and stainless nylock nuts. Standard deck rigging required for one-hand pumping feature. 

(OHB) Octopus Hatch Basic Package . . ..$ 48.00




Octopus Accessory Hatch Adapter

This flexible durable black rubber-like adapter allows our Octopus Hatch to fit a wide variety of popular kayaks. The adapters are precision matched to our Octopus Hatch and include pre-molded holes for the mounting bolts. The finish maintains appearance. This adapter allows the hatch surface to be nearly level, a requirement for good marine compass performance. There are hundreds of variations in foredeck shapes. The three available sizes allow fitting to most kayaks. Refer to the Octopus Fit Table for the proper selection for your Kayak. One required. New Adapter P, limited pre-production version available.

(OAA) Octopus Hatch Adapter A
conforms to modestly sloping foredecks  . . . $ 13.95


(OAB) Octopus Hatch Adapter B
conforms to medium sloped foredecks  . . . $ 13.95


(OAP) Octopus Hatch Adapter P
conforms to sharp-crested foredecks  . . . $ 13.95




Universal Hatch Cover

  • Complete with Tether Attachment

This hatch cover is compatible with our Octopus Universal Accessory Mount and our Deluxe Swivel Mount. These accommodate nearly every Nav-Com accessory. Use as many as needed to serve your requirements. Marine compasses normally can be bolted to our covers using the integral compass base mounting plate. Many VHF, FRS, and GPS accessories have either same-brand or after-market mounting brackets. Our accessory hatch covers are fitted with our tether fastener loop. User drills custom holes, as needed, for their specific accessory. 

The companion Ready-Ring is used as alternate storage in closed hull kayaks. The rings are pre-ground to conform with gentle contoured hull bottoms. Sharp hull curvature will require minor fitting-details in included instructions.

(UCC) Universal Hatch Cover with Hull Storage Ring Set
Closed Hull………..$ 13.95




(Various optional accessories shown in photos demonstrate potential applications.)

Octopus Universal Accessory Mount

This mount bolts directly to our accessory hatch covers. The slide-opening style mount features a finger lock latch with nylon cord finger loop (jaw capacity ranges from 1.75 to 4 inches), compressible rubber grip liner, and an accessory lanyard opening. Loop your accessory lanyard through the opening and you have a total secondary security. The mount serves virtually all Nav-Com accessories, and even serves as a beverage holder. Brass and stainless mounting hardware included. Universal Hatch Cover required.

Universal Mount

Application example

(UAM) Universal Mount………..$ 19.95



Octopus Universal Accessory Deluxe Swivel Mount

Our deluxe mount has a ball-socket metal swivel permitting 360-degree horizontal motion and 45-degrees vertical motion, all locked with a large winged handle. Attach directly to our Octopus Accessory Hatch Cover (sold seperately). The mount is a jaw-type with rubber friction liners and an extendible base. The jaw capacity ranges from 1.25 to 2.75 inches in width, length unlimited, 6 inches fully supported. Virtually any common Nav-Com device can be served. For secondary security, loop the accessory lanyard over the mount. We recommend pairing this with our Hip Hatch or a deck bag. In our opinion, it is too large for storage on our ready-rings.

unswvlsolo.jpg (134956 bytes)
Universal Deluxe Swivel Mount

swvlvhf.jpg (168906 bytes)
Application example

(UDM) Universal Deluxe Mount………..$ 48



Octopus Hip-Hatch Kayak Hydration and Storage System
for conventional closed-hull kayaks.

Preferred in-hull stowage of Octopus accessories and goodies (Octopus Hatch compliments Hip-Hatch, but is not required). Plenty of clean, water resistant storage for all accessories and other goodies. Original equipment day hatch bags are not water resistant, have no easy-grasp lug handle, and, often no tether. The over-size hatch opening, a full 4.5 inches (112mm), allows alternate storage for the full family of mounted Octopus accessories.  The outside diameter is 7 inches. Fully accessible while underway!

Provides conveniently accessible storage for wallets, jewelry, keys, as well as the full array of Octopus accessories. All contents subject to water damage should be in waterproof bags.

This compartment bag is uniquely sized for the Hip-Hatch. The package includes Hip-Hatch, lug-handle hatch cover and tether, water resistant stowage bag, hardware, and detailed instructions. Installation requires hole or jig saw, drill, small tools and moderate do-it-yourself skills. Some kayak hull configurations may not have suitable location. Check your kayak and refer to our Fit-Table. See our alternate kayaker’s Octopus Hammock Kayak Hydration System.  

Installation note: Installation similar to Octopus Hatch. Hull Opening is 5.5" (140 mm). Same tools required

See the Octopus Fit Table to confirm fit for your kayak.

(OHH) Hip-Hatch Package ...........…$ 48



  Octopus Aft Hammock Kayak Hydration System with Sealed Drinking Tube Port

The 17"Lx6"Wx2-3.5"D compartment is fabricated from durable vinyl coated mesh fabric. It accommodates all contemporary sports hydration system reservoirs up to 100 oz.  It is suspended, hammock-like, directly under the hull top, a sanitary and safe location. The compartment is reinforced with marine vinyl at all stress locations and includes a Velcro latch.  Each of the three over-sized industrial marine grade Velcro attachment strips sewn to the compartment, has a matching self-adhesive strip already in position.  Simply peel off the protective cover and press into place in your hull. The companion hydration drinking tube hull access port, with tethered screw cap, is also simple to install. Drill a 1¼" hull opening, apply adhesive sealant, insert fitting, and hand tighten. No other tools required.  To use, simply access the compartment, unlatch, insert the filled reservoir, route the draft tube through outlet grommet, then out the hull port, flip the cap aperture open, snap hose in, replace cap, and you are fully operational! 

  • Serves common sports reservoirs up to 100 oz.
  • Alternatively serves as storage container for kayaker’s special items.
  • Features classic over-shoulder position for standard drinking tube.
  • Mounts with three included over-sized marine velcro strips. Easily removable.
  • Suitable for behind-seat or in-hull installation—weight: 8 ounces. See Octopus Fit Table.

The reservoir is secure, in a clean out-of-the-way location. The hull drinking tube access port is always sealed.

The choice of configuration depends on the kayak layout and user preferences.  Most closed conventional kayaks have adequate space behind the seat, just under the hull and ahead of the bulkhead. This location is easily accessible for adding water, uses standard length tubing exiting the hull behind the spray skirt/coaming. The alternate configuration is between the bulkhead and the aft hatch cover.  This is suitable when these are about a foot or less apart. The Hammock Hydration system compartment is also useful for storage of miscellaneous items when not in use for hydration.  The compartment easily compresses when the space is needed for cargo. 

Hammock Bag

Aft Hatch Installation

Port Cap

Behind Seat Installation


See the Octopus Fit Table to confirm fit for your kayak.

(HAM) Hydration Hammock Bag Package……………$ 48




Octopus Products Installation Slide Show CD

Our Installation Slide Show CD includes over 40 color slides showing actual installations in progress. Each slide includes a text box with tips and tricks. the comprehensive CD includes slides addressing each of our products requiring installation. The CD runs on your personal computer. No Special software is needed. You use your mouse to advance or repeat each slide. This CD is not a required item, only an enhancement and more detailed version of the complete Installation Sheet included in each of our product packages.


(OCD) Octopus Products Installation Slide Show CD ...$9.95




Octopus Systems Combo Bonus Discount Offer

Any combination valued over $ 100 and you can score an Octopus Tee Shirt at half price!  These bright yellow pre-shrunk unisex short-sleeved tees have Octopus logos on front and back!  Regular price: $19.95, yours for $ 9.95, and included in your shipment.  Be sure to specify your size….S, M, L, XL

Due to demand, we occasionally must substitute next larger sizes.

(TES)  Octopus Tee Shirt ........................  $ 19.95


(TEB)  Octopus Tee Shirt (with $100 purchase) ...$  9.95




Octopus Caps

These are high quality caps with the handy Velcro adjustment. The cap is a bright yellow, the bill and buttons are a deep blue, and the lettering is embroidered black.


(OBC) Octopus Cap ...$15.00




New 2003 Paddlers' Paint Guard

Know any veteran kayaker or canoeist that doesn’t have several sorry paint scratches on the rear roof edge of their SUV, van, or camper shell, as a result of loading and unloading their boats? Many have similar ugly scratches on the trunk deck of their kayak or canoe carrying sedans as well. Now you can avoid this fate!

Octopus Kayaks, known for innovative paddler accessory products, proudly introduces our Paddler’s Paint Guard, the world’s first effective solution to this problem.  Paint Guard is fabricated from durable premium grade marine materials and is fitted with a combination of elastic and adjustable fasteners that result in a one-size-fits-all product. When not in use, Paint Guard conveniently folds compactly for easy storage. All Octopus products are made in the U.S.A.

Weight: Approx. 26 oz. (1 ¾#)
Base Material: Heavy Marine vinyl; 23”wide x24”long
Armor Material: Heavy Gage Vinyl
Top Straps: adjustable-1” nylon w/side pinch-release buckle
Lower Cords: adjustable shock cord with safety hook ends
Available in Navy Blue, Solar Yellow, and Silver Grey Colors

(OPG) Octopus Paddlers' Paint Guard ...$34.95





Paddle PackerTM by Octopus
For Pairs of Canoe  or 2-piece Kayak Paddles

Premium paddles deserve premium protection. Paddle Packer is another of our innovative new Octopus Kayak products for 2003. Paddle Packer is the only available paddle case that truly meets the practical needs of paddlers. Like all Octopus Kayak products…designed by paddlers for paddlers! No hard shipping-style case, no cheap fabric bag, no guitar shape, no semi-rigid foam inserts, and no zippers! Just the features you really need. Fabricated from premium marine grade textured vinyl, Paddle Packer is durable and lightweight. Each blade pocket is generously vented for evaporation, the end flap also vents and is secured with over-sized sand-tolerant Velcro.

Our bonus features are the internal web loop allowing addition of your manual bilge pump, and, if you squeeze them a bit, you can even get your neoprene gloves or pogies in. While on the water, our uniqueROLL UP’ feature results in an ultra-compact shape for stowage in your kayak or canoe. Stuff it into your deck bag, hatch, or snap on a biner and secure Paddle Packer to your seatback.

Available in 53 and 64 inch sizes. The ’53’ serves 2-piece kayak paddles up to 240 cm or canoe paddles up to 53 inches. Our super-sized ’64’ fits the largest available 2-piece kayak paddles, as well as most canoe paddles (up to 64 inches or 163 cm). The larger size even accepts pairing of many straight and bent-shaft canoe paddles.

Specifications and Features:

  • Separate Paddle Pockets Serve Two Canoe Paddles, or Kayak 2-Piece
  • Over-sized Vinyl Mesh Evaporation Vents on Each Paddle Pocket
  • Fabricated From Premium Textured Marine Vinyl-Solar Yellow
  • Rolls Up Super Compact When Empty-Soft and Light Weight
  • Reliable Sand-Tolerant Over-Sized Velcro End Flap-No Zippers!
  • Bonus Feature: Internal Loop Stores Common Manual Kayak Pump
  • Normally, Even Space for Your Neoprene Gloves or Pogies
  • Center-Balanced  Nylon Web Carry Handle
  • Easily Cleaned….Just Hose Out
  • Designed and Fabricated in USA
  • Available in Two Sizes:


  • For 2-piece kayak paddles up to 240 cm x 20.5 cm (95 in.x 8in) Or two canoe paddles up to 135 cm x 20.5 cm (53 in. x 8 in.)
  • Actual Size: Two (2) vented pockets, 135 cm x 20.5 cm (53 in x 8 in)
  • Rolls Up To: 10 cm x 23 cm (4 in dia x 9 in long) with loop handle
  • Weight: Approx. 680 gm (24 oz)


  • For 2-piece kayak paddles up to 280 cm x 23 cm (110 in x 9 in) or two paddles up to163 cm x 23 cm (64in x 9 in)-even bents
  • Actual Size: Two vented pockets, 163 cm x 23 cm (64 in x 9 in)
  • Rolls Up To: 11 cm x 24 cm (4.5 in dia x 9.5 in long) with loop handle
  • Weight: Approx 880 gm (31 oz)


(PPK) Octopus Paddle Packer 53 ...$44.95


(PPC) Octopus Paddle Packer 64 ...$54.95